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Please follow the link below to purchase your Girling & Bowditch, Maiden Newton’s Veterinary Surgeons Pet Health Plan online.

This can be done at any point ahead of your appointment to collect the appropriate flea or worming treatments or your pet’s annual vaccinations – just let the Girling & Bowditch reception team know that you’re a Pet Health Plan member at the time of booking!

Whether young or old, the Girling and Bowditch Pet Health Plan is designed to adapt to your pet’s needs, from puppy or kitten, to adulthood and throughout their senior years. You pay for your Pet Health Plan monthly, by a simple Direct Debit, so you spread the cost of your regular veterinary needs.

Your Pet Health Plan gives you access to additional discounts too for things including routine neutering, microchipping, dental procedures, long-term medication, pet accessories and Royal Canine food bought in the Maiden Newton practice.

The Girling and Bowditch pet health plan is a healthy pet club that will provide you with routine, preventative healthcare and benefits for your dog, cat or rabbit.

Vetsure will look after the administration of your plan, including collecting monthly Direct Debits from Girling and Bowditch clients on their behalf. This leaves you with more time to focus on taking care of your pets.

Services Offered By This Practice
Annual Core Vaccinations (Including Kennel Cough for dogs, Feline Leukaemia for cats, when required)
Annual Core Vaccinations for rabbits (Including Myxomatosis and VHD1, when required)
Seasonal Fly Strike prevention products provided once per year (rabbits only)
Parasite Control (Flea; Tick; Worm and Mite treatments; as recommended by your vet)
Microchipping (or £10 discount per year on any diet if already microchipped)
Biannual health exam with a vet (including claw clipping)
10% off Dentistry
10% off Neutering
10% off Food and Accessories
10% off additional vaccinations
10% off chronic medication
20% off annual urine analysis
20% off blood screening (for over 8s)
5% off Vetsure Pet Insurance
Pet Health Plan Price List
Small Dog
Medium Dog
Large Dog
XL Dog
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