Vetsure are now working with an increasing number of vets all across the country to provision Pet Health Plans that compliment Vetsure Pet Insurance.

Why does my veterinary practice need a Pet Health Plan?

Most pet owners are aware that prevention is better than cure when it comes to keeping their best friends in tip-top condition. A well-managed and comprehensive Pet Health Plan is the best way to ensure that your customers’ beloved pets are receiving all the necessary preventative healthcare they require throughout the year.

Vetsure takes away the administrative stress that often puts practices off setting up their own Pet Health Plan and rewards your customers for looking after their pets proactively.

We’ve heard from members of the Vetsure Network about the sort of service offered by other health plan providers to vets and we know we can do much better.

Our award-winning customer service team will handle all the direct debits that you’ll receive from your clients and can even help you out with completing application forms, if your team are too busy in the clinic. They will also actively engage with your Pet Health Plan members to make sure they are happy and well-informed.

Not only this, the agreements we set up operate on a rolling basis, which cuts out the hassle caused by annual renewals.

You will also reap the following benefits:

  • We will keep you informed when new customer joins your plan and update you if they were to leave.
  • You have access to our online 24/7 Vetsure Hub for further client plan and insurance insight.
  • Minimal client confusion. Vetsure is the only company to offer a full range of pet insurance products as well as health plans for vets to promote.
  • We will provide you with co-branded leaflets and application forms to help you promote the Pet Health Plans in clinic or you can get us to contact a client on your behalf via the Vetsure HUB app.

Choose what to include in your Plan

As standard, all practices using our Pet Health Plan receive; annual vaccination, parasite prevention and microchipping (or £10 off diet as an alternative.) Any additional benefits can be added on if desired. Kitten and puppy plans are designed to be identical to adult plans to avoid the inevitable drop-off typically seen when pets turn one year of age.  You also determine the prices you want us to charge your clients and you can implement price changes when you see fit.

Rewards and Discounts

We like to reward pet owners for keeping their loved ones healthy. If your clients take out a Pet Health Plan they will automatically get a 5% discount off their Vetsure Pet Insurance premium either at renewal or when they take out a new policy.

This is just the start though. We are looking at new innovative ways in which, together, we can offer increasing discounts when clients actively listen to your healthcare recommendations.

If this sounds fetching, jump on board now so you don’t miss out on this paw-some journey!

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