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At Vetsure we believe in linking prevention with cure. 

We all know the benefit of keeping your pet happy and healthy with regular preventative care. But providing such care can be pricey.

Vetsure work with a growing number of vets across the UK to help you save on the cost of providing preventative health care and spread payments through convenient monthly direct debit payments.

Care for the Best of Health, Cover for the Worst

Wouldn’t it make sense to have all your pet healthcare needs under one roof?

Please note that a Pet Health Plan is NOT Pet Insurance. Pet Insurance is aimed at providing cover for the treatment of unforeseen accidents or illnesses and does not typically cover preventative healthcare costs for your pet.

Having both a Pet Health Plan and Pet Insurance with Vetsure means that you will be able to budget for all of your veterinary costs – helping to keep your pet healthy and cover the costs of treatment of injury and illness. When you take out a Vetsure Pet Health Plan, you will receive 5% off the cost of your Vetsure Pet Insurance!


Looking for Pet Insurance?


What Is Included?*

Alongside all of Vetsure’s core Pet Health Plan benefits, each individual practice may offer their own additional components, such as claw clipping, blood tests and nurse consultations.

Our Core Benefits


Or £10 discount on any diet if already microchipped

Flea and Worm Prevention

For cats and dogs, as recommended by your vet

5% off Vetsure Pet Insurance

For dogs and cats

Fly Strike Prevention

Seasonal prevention products for rabbits

Core Vaccinations**

Including Kennel Cough for dogs and Feline Leukaemia for cats, when required

*Terms and conditions apply – In addition to these core benefits, your participating vet may offer additional perks. 

** The cost of the first part of your puppy or kitten’s two-part primary vaccination course is not covered. The second part is covered.

Direct Delivery

Vetsure Direct

Receive your pet’s healthcare products straight to your door with Vetsure Direct! We work closely with your local practice to arrange for flea and worming treatments to be delivered to you at convenient intervals throughout the year (participating practices only).

Direct Delivery
Find Your Nearest Practice

Pet Health Plans can be set up online or through our customer service team, just call us on 0800 050 2022 and one of our friendly team will be able to help.

Please note that prices will vary between vet practices.