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The Vetsure Story

Founded in 2009, by practicing vet, Ashley Gray, Vetsure began life as a pet insurer with an emphasis on providing pet insurance policies that were simple and transparent so that pet owners would be able to make informed choices regarding the necessary levels of cover for their dog, cat, puppy or kitten. The Vetsure Pet Insurance vision has grown over the years, and we now work with more than 600 veterinary practices, all around the UK.

By working closely with veterinary practices, and continually innovating to collaborate with them in new ways, Vetsure Pet Insurance makes the best possible pet care against accidents and illnesses affordable throughmonthly, direct debit payments.

Pet Health Plans

But how does this fit in with Pet Health Plans?

As a responsible pet owner, you know that insuring your cat or dog is a necessity to cover them against accidents, illnesses and emergency care, but ever since Vetsure’s inception, we have been keen to reward pet owners who are proactive in looking after their beloved pets by linking prevention with cure.

In 2018, we were finally able to make this vision a reality with the launch of Vetsure Pet Health Plans which have been designed specifically in conjunction with your veterinary practices to ensure that your pet gets the best preventative treatment possible. Vetsure act as administrators of the Pet Health Plans on behalf of the vets in our network – collecting monthly direct debits and passing these back to the vets to fund the preventative products and services on offer to their clients.

By linking pet insurance with a pet health plan for your cat or dog, you’re caring for the best of health and covering against the worst.

To solidify this commitment to rewarding responsible pet owners, we offer 5% off your Vetsure Pet Insurance policy for anyone that takes out a Pet Health Plan for the same dog, cat, puppy or kitten. When you take out a Vetsure Pet Health Plan the discount can be applied to the Vetsure Pet Insurance policy whether you’re taking out a new policy OR when an existing policy renews.

How we Work with Vet Practices

Since the early days of Vetsure Pet Insurance, we have been building up the Vetsure Network of practices and partnered veterinary consultants all over the country, from Penzance to the Shetland Isles!

These practices have been accepted into the network on the basis that they offer the best quality veterinary medicine and exceptional customer care. Vets that are part of the Vetsure network are also happy for us to settle the bill directly with us when you make a claim on your Vetsure Pet Insurance policy for your cat or dog, such that you only have to cover the cost of the excess at the time of treatment – allowing you to concentrate fully on helping your beloved pet back to health.

While you are free to use any veterinary practice in the country when you’re insured with us, we encourage use of accredited practices wherever possible by offering a lower claims excess with them.

The Vetsure Network and Pet Health Plans

Since the launch of Vetsure Pet Health plans for dogs, cats and rabbits in 2018, we have begun to work with members of the Vetsure network to link prevention with cure. By specifying certain ‘must haves’ for preventative healthcare such as annual core vaccinations, flea and worming treatments and microchipping, but also allowing individual vets to add on additional benefits, we make sure that the core requirements for responsible preventative healthcare are covered whilst also giving practices the freedom to offer the best possible routine care for their patients.

Vetsure administer direct debits and customer service on behalf of our Pet Health Plan participating vets which means that they can get on with what they do best: making sure your best friends are in top shape. Since they all partner with us to offer Vetsure Pet Insurance too, you’ll be able to benefit from a guaranteed reduction to your premium whether you’re taking out a new policy or renewing your existing one.

Meet the Team

We’re a friendly, caring and compassionate bunch of vets, veterinary nurses and animal lovers, based in Hatfield, Herts but with team members dotted all over the UK to help support the Vetsure network of veterinary practices.

The Vetsure family are all passionate about helping pets receive exceptional levels of veterinary care and most of us are pet owners ourselves! The entire team has been invested in making Pet Health Plans a success from word go and we’re proud to see the two critical elements of pet healthcare being linked in this way for the first time.

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