Equine Health Plans

It’s no secret that horses can be expensive companions! After livery charges, vet fees, food costs and farrier bills, adding in preventative healthcare costs on top can really sting. That’s where Vetsure’s quality Equine Health Plan can help. Whether you’ve got a horse, a pony or a donkey, an Equine Health Plan gives you the best preventative healthcare at an affordable monthly price, allowing you to keep up with your horse’s preventative healthcare requirements while making savings over and above buying veterinary products individually.

How does it work?

Vetsure Equine Health Plans are simple. By setting up a plan with your local veterinary practice, your beloved horse’s preventative veterinary care costs, such as vaccinations, worming and egg counts, can be budgeted for through a monthly direct debit. For more information on exactly what’s included in a practice’s Equine Health Plan, please visit your vet’s website.

How Do I Sign Up?

The first step is to check whether your local equine veterinary practice offers a Vetsure Equine Health Plan.

If your horse’s vet appears on the list then they are part of the Vetsure Accredited Network. This means that we work closely with them to ensure that your Health Plan is administered smoothly while they focus on providing top quality preventative healthcare to your horse or pony.

Please complete the form below to register your interest in setting up an Equine Health Plan with us. A member of Vetsure’s customer service team will be in touch to go through all the plan options with you and complete the setup.

Horse in a field

Working with your vet

The award-winning Vetsure customer service team is based in Hertfordshire. We’re a team of vets, vet nurses, all-round animal lovers and horse riders. When it comes to the administration of your plan, we’re very happy to help at every stage, whether you’re thinking about setting up an Equine Health Plan, you’d like to ask a question about your direct debits, or if you need to make a change to your plan.

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