We all know you want the best for your furry feline. A Pet Health Plan is recommended to keep on top of your pet’s routine healthcare needs to protect them against infectious diseases and daily threats of fleas and worms.

What Is Included?*

Annual Core Vaccinations (Including Feline Leukaemia where required)**
Flea and Worming Treatments (as recommended by your vet)
Microchipping (or a £10 discount on any diet food if already microchipped)
5% off Vetsure Pet Insurance

Cats and kittens require core vaccinations to protect them against viral diseases which are responsible for cat flu, feline infectious enteritis and the feline leukaemia virus. Our Pet Health Plan covers the second dose of the initial kitten course and then annual boosters.

Along with protection against these deadly diseases, it’s recommended that your cat receives preventative treatments against parasites such as worms and fleas, with appropriate treatments being provided by your vet at the frequency that they are needed dependent on your cat’s lifestyle.

As you know, many cats tend to spend a lot of their time exploring the outside world so, unfortunately, it’s not that uncommon for cats to get lost on their travels. Microchipping is the most effective way of identifying your cat if they stray, and, as of June 10th 2024, this will be a legal requirement. This way you can be sure that if your cat is found and handed into a vet practice, they will be identified as your pet and can be returned safely.

All of these treatments listed above are included in your Cat Pet Health Plan as a part of Vetsure’s core benefits**. Your local practice may also include a range of additional benefits, such as claw clipping and discounts to other services.

Do You Have Pet Insurance?

To reward commitment to preventative pet healthcare, Vetsure Pet Health Plan members will receive 5% off Vetsure Pet Insurance when taking out a new policy, or renewing an existing one!