Your Rabbit's Pet Health Plan

Despite being small and cuddly, rabbits still can attract some very unpleasant bugs and parasites! So keeping on top of their healthcare needs is essential to help your pet stay happy and healthy. A Vetsure Pet Health Plan can help you budget for the costs of the required services and treatments.

What Is Included?

Annual Core Vaccinations**
Flea & Worm Treatment
Seasonal Fly Strike prevention products
Microchipping (or a £10 discount on any diet food if already microchipped)

It is widely recommended that rabbits receive annual vaccinations to protect them from two very serious viral infectious diseases: myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic disease (VHD). Ideally, rabbits should be vaccinated whilst they are kittens and then have their protection maintained with a booster vaccination every year for the duration of their life.

It is also vital to protect your rabbit from flystrike as this can be fatal in some unfortunate cases. Just like cats and dogs, it’s really important for rabbits to be microchipped in case they stray from their hutch or your back garden.

All of these treatments and services are included in your Rabbit Pet Health Plan. Your local practice may also have a range of additional benefits, such as claw clipping and discounts to a range of other services.