What’s included in your local vet’s Rabbit Pet Health Plan?

Like cats and dogs, rabbits are also susceptible to bugs and nasty diseases that could have a serious effect on their health.

It is widely recommended to protect your rabbit from the two very serious viral infectious diseases, myxomatosis and Haemorrhagic disease (RHD) with an annual vaccination.

You should look to vaccinate your rabbit from five weeks old and then maintain with a booster every year for the duration of their life.

You should also look into protecting your pet rabbit from flystrike as this disease tends to be fatal after infection.

Just like with dogs and cats, it’s really important to get your rabbit microchipped in case they stray from their hutch or your back garden. Microchipping is also included as part of your rabbit pet health plan membership.

Your vet will offer at least the following benefits as part of the Pet Health Plan*:

  • Annual Core Vaccinations**
  • Seasonal Fly Strike prevention products
  • Microchipping (Or £10 discount on any diet if already microchipped)

Your vet may offer additional benefits as part of the Plan – see here for more details!

* For Membership Terms and Conditions, click here.
** VHD 2 vaccines may incur additional charges outside of the plan. Please refer to your vet for further details.

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