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The team at The Pet Vet know how much you care about your cat and dog’s wellbeing. That’s why they created smartpet… your comprehensive preventative healthcare membership programme. A great value pet health plan, smartpet is an active, service-led treatment routine, keeping a regular eye on your pet’s health and preventing potential problems before they have a chance to happen (or get worse). All for one affordable monthly payment.

Vetsure will look after the administration for your plan, including collecting monthly Direct Debits from The Pet Vet – Nottingham clients on their behalf. This leaves you with more time to focus on taking care of your companion.

To purchase your plan today, please click ‘Set up a Plan’.

To collect the appropriate flea or worming treatments or your pet’s annual vaccinations – just let the reception team know that you’re a Pet Health Plan member at the time of booking!

Please note: If you have a dog aged over 7 or a cat aged over 10, they will automatically become enrolled in The Pet Vet’s Senior Plan and the benefits included in the plan will be updated to match their changing needs. Please click here to find out what is included in The Vet’s Senior Plan.

There is no additional cost for this plan.

Plan Benefits

Cats & dogs:

  • Core vaccinations with Vet consultation (including Feline Leukaemia vaccine for cats).
  • Kennel Cough vaccine for dogs.
  • Microchipping (or £10 credit if already microchipped).
  • Flea and worming treatments as recommended by your Vet.
  • 6 Nurse consults with nail clip (cats only).
  • 12 Nurse consults with nail clippings or anal gland expressions (dogs only).
  • 10% off all products, medication, treatments and procedures.
  • 5% off Vetsure Pet Insurance (when a policy is taken out or renewed for the pet(s) on your Pet Health Plan).

Senior Pet Health Plan

  • Standard benefits plus the below
  • 20% off blood screening
  • Urine testing
  • Blood pressure check

Your Pet Health Plan will automatically switch to the new Senior Pet Health Plan at no extra cost when your pet reaches their senior years.

Applicable for cats over the age of 10 and dogs over the age of 7.


  • Vet consult with annual booster and a Vet health check.
  • Microchipping (or £10 credit if already microchipped).
  • Seasonal Rearguard fly-strike products provided annually.
  • Nurse consult with microchipping.
  • 4 Nurse consults with nail clip.
  • Nurse consults with teeth burr*.
  • Nurse consult with full health check.
  • 10% off all products, medication, treatments & surgeries.

*Please note that if your rabbit does not require any fly-strike treatment you will be entitled to 4 dental burrs per year. If your rabbit does require fly-strike treatment you will be entitled to 2 dental burrs under the health plan per year.

Please ensure you are registered with the desired practice you wish to purchase your Pet Health Plan from. If you are not registered, your plan may be cancelled.

Pet Insurance

Pet Health Plan members also benefit from 5% off a Vetsure Pet Insurance policy for the same dog, cat, puppy or kitten.
When you take out a Vetsure Pet Health Plan the discount can be applied to the Vetsure Pet Insurance policy whether you’re taking out a new policy OR when an existing policy renews.

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