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Our Story

Founded in 2009, by Ashely Gray, a practiced vet working in North London. After graduating from Cambridge Vet School in 1997, Ashley became fascinated by the dynamic between the pet and the owner. The bond between the two is something that is utterly enchanting to him as pets become such a huge part of the owner’s life. The pet truly does become part of the family and the love and care towards the pet is still something that drives Vetsure as a business today.

At The Beginning

At The Beginning


Vetsure began life as a pet insurer with an emphasis on providing pet insurance policies that were simple and transparent so that pet owners would be able to make informed choices regarding the necessary levels of cover for their dog, cat, puppy or kitten. The Vetsure Pet Insurance vision has grown over the years, and we now work with practices all around the UK.


Throughout the years, Vetsure has built up a strong relationship with these practices and works closely with them, helping pet owners ensure their pet is covered if the worst were to happen. In recent years, Vetsure has started working with these practices to administrate Pet Health Plans, linking prevention with cure. As a responsible pet owner, you will know that insuring your pet is a necessity to cover them against unforeseen accidents and illnesses. Since the start, Vetsure has been keen to reward pet owners for being proactive in their pet care as by keeping on top of regular preventative care will ultimately result in a healthier pet and hopefully a reduced need for more serious treatments. In 2018, we were finally able to make this vision a reality with the launch of Vetsure Pet Health Plans. Vetsure act as administrators on behalf of the vets within our network to help provide these plans.

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Our Network

Since Vetsure began back in 2009, we have been building up at network of vet practices and partnered consultants across the UK, from Penzance in Cornwall all the way up to the Scottish Highlands. We now work with more than 800 veterinary practices and this number is growing every week!

These practices have been accepted into the trusted network as they offer the best quality service, veterinary medicine, and customer care. Vetsure are also trusted by the practices to settle claims on pet insurance directly, aiming to give owners one less thing to worry about when their beloved pet is ill or injured.

The practices within our network work with us with our Pet Insurance and with the administration of their Pet Health Plans, so we have developed a strong relationship with them throughout the years.

Our Network

About Us

We’re a friendly, caring and enthusiastic team. Many of us are pet owners ourselves so we deeply understand the bond between pets and their owners. Due to this, we also understand the need for exceptional pet care, as we would want the same for our treasured pets. We are all extremely passionate about animals and love what we do, with some of us even coming from a veterinary background.

Our culture is incredibly vibrant and friendly. The team is more of a family than a group of colleagues, all regularly attending social events together throughout the year.

Our head office is based in Hatfield, Hertfordshire but we have members of the Vetsure team dotted all across the UK to help nurture the Vetsure Network. The team have been invested in making Pet Health Plans a success from the word go, and we’re proud to see the two crucial elements of pet care (prevention and cure) being linked in this way.

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Do You Have Pet Insurance?

To reward commitment to preventative pet healthcare, Vetsure Pet Health Plan members will receive 5% off Vetsure Pet Insurance when taking out a new policy, or renewing an existing one!